• jinty

robots robots robots

robots robots robots robots robots robots ro
we are the robots robots robots ro
I am the ninja ninja ninja ninj
quietly ninja-ing ninja ninja ninj
monkeys are better monkey monkey monk
monkey versus robot monkey monkey monk
but pirates are best! pirating away
no pirates they rule - pirate away

sod this hierarchy of good better best
that's not how it works, it's just a pest
you can tell I've been drinking from a mile away
it makes me opine on this and to portray
life as a simple group of simpler rules
leading me to end this rhyme with a harsh 'fools'.
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robot sonnet

am i a crab? he taps his carapace
tries walking sideways, falls on Bolton.
am i a snake? with no undulant grace
crawls on his belly; makes the Ribble valley.
a horse? he gallops over Manchester
pauses in the newly-made rubble plain
essays a neigh. People scream in Leicester.
maybe not that then, I should look again.
in the bestiary the robot flails
this, this, or that, the resemblance is slight
mosquito, ant, lion, desmond, flightless rail
they all seem somehow to be not quite right.
well, then, after all, am i a poem?
the evidence is to the contrary, my son


Age alters us

Age alters us in many useful ways
upset, we do not go sleepless to bed
now we have that perspective, hey hooray
nor will it echo in the dreaming head

will not wake us at 3.00 am the call
to make, o no, rationalization
kicks in. We will not revisit the Fall.
It helps if you have lost the telephon.

The flower of my youth is flown, blown
to the winds many friends
petals all

the fruits of age swell like bunions
but we no longer lose friends over silly things


robot sonnet

old robot in a junkyard sits rusting
remembers in its atom heart loves lost
women of mars it groped with claws lusting
for pulp covers posing and what that cost

now washed up after the hey-day, no T
V show to go to he eats cars like nachos
drinks oil by the gallon, sucks battery
like cigarette, and begins to doze...

has dreams about the time he wiped out flies
and all the moaning about bluebells and tits,
who knew they were maggot-symbiotic?
poor robot sleeps badly snores catastrophic

the world collapses, but a new one is born
buried in vehicles as he expires his heart explodes

  • juggzy

Sonnet of the Thunder Robot (battery operated)

I'm iron, copper, silicon
Travails of electricity
Charges moving one by one
Amplified by trickery
My mind's a mess of software, thrown
Together in Seattle
Algorithms marching on
I'm ready for a battle
I'm made for war by thunder gods
Encrusted in their towers
A plaything to those suited sods
I'll trample over flowers
To maim the flesh that I abhor
I am robot, hear me roar.

Putting this one in to start it off, as this was the idea that started it off, anyway.